Why Register now ? ( New Launch Pte Property  ) 

Why Register ? Potential Buyers Are Joining our VVIP List?

  • Enjoy developer’s discount by being part of our VVIP List.
  • Participate in private launches and receive first hand information about upcoming property projects in Singapore and selected International Projects.
  • To create awareness for the project, developers usually release early phases of project at attractive prices. Developer Discount Singapore.
  • Seize the early phase before their dream units runs out!

Benefits of VVIP

  • List Receive first hand updates on project developments
  • Be the first to visit the showflat and shortlist your choice unit
  • Receive priority to make booking for choice unit before public launch
  • Enjoy developer’s discount during early phase, thus enjoying higher rental yield and higher capital appreciation

Not Registered for VVIP

  • Visit showflat after priority bookings by VVIP members
  • Participate in Public Launch and choose remaining units which are already been purchased by VVIP members
  • Changes made to availability of developer’s discount at their discretion

Frequently Asked Questions

We are still considering, does registration as a VVIP guest before public launch means the sales is already confirmed?
Registration as VVIP guest does not constitutes to a sale and at any point of time before the signing of Option To Purchase (OTP), you can withdraw anytime.

Can we still change our choices after selection of units before VVIP preview day?
Short listing of units before the VVIP preview day is to ensure that buyers will have enough time to consider. Upon the release of price by developer, buyer will be able to compare and choose which choice unit to go for instead of having to shortlist and decide on the very same day (actual preview day).

Do I have to make any purchase on the preview day if the price is not within my ideal range?
There are no obligations to purchase any unit and you can choose to withdraw anytime before the signing of OTP.

Will there be any confirmation before purchasing of unit?
Please be assured that submission of documents for booking of unit will only be done upon acceptance of price and confirmation by the owner to the respective salesperson.

Do I have to pay for salesperson’s commission?
No commission will be required for new launch development as developer will be paying the commission .

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Why Register now ? ( Executive Condominium ) 

Why Register for Executive Condo now ?

What is the difference between VVIP Preview List and VVIP Booking?

What is VVIP Preview List?

Once you have registered under VVIP Preview List, We’ll keep you updated on the project.
You’ll receive an email stated with reference number and We’ll assign certified Sales representative to assist you on your enquiries.
They will explain on the process of the procedure, timeline, financial calculation, downpayment, by when to get bank approval & more.

By doing so, Please refrain from submitting duplicate application/ registration with other agents or other websites.

Preview FAQ

What is VVIP Booking?
In order to enjoy the first level discount (Early Bird Discount/ VVIP Discount), the following documents will be required to exchange for ballot number or first come first serve basis.
– Expression of Interest (You’ll receive it via email, General details Page 1 bottom, and Signature on Page 2.)
– Applicants’ NRIC
– Blank Cheque (No signature will be required)

You can present those documents during the show-flat period to the assigned agent or you can ask the our assigned agent to collect from you personally.

Kindly take note: No obligation if you submit those documents for ballot number.
No penalty will be imposed if you choose not to purchase during the booking day.
Your information will be well kept for this project.

Documents needed for The Criterion EC Preview

What is Expression of Interest?
A document for purchaser who are keen on the projects and want to submit for ballot number during VVIP booking day.

Common question to be asked:

Question: Will i missed out any good deals if i did not submit under VVIP Preview List?
Answer: Yes, Because you will not get any official information from us directly.

Question: Any fee to be imposed if i choose not to purchase?
Answer: No, No penalty will be imposed if you choose not to purchase during the booking day.

Question: What are the benefits to register for VVIP booking?
Answer: You will get the chance to purchase units with discounted prices (Early BIrd Discount).
Because prices generally increases for un-released stack of units, later on.
You will only be able to select the balance units, after the VVIPs have confirmed their units.
You may not be entitled to the same benefits or discounts, as per the VVIP, beforehand.

Question: What if i choose to register for VVIP booking. Thereafter, i did not purchase/ book any units?
Answer: No penalty will be imposed, if you choose not to purchase during the booking day.

Question: When can i know the actual price for the ideal units?
Answer: Always refer to the guide/ indicative price. Do register early for early bird discount.
No penalty will be imposed if you choose not to purchase.
Application is free of-charge.

Question: I will prefer to know the pricing then i commit.
Answer: Understandable, however, we may not be in time to register you back for the VVIP, should you decide to proceed, after knowing the prices, as registration for VVIP, normally closes by then.
Also to avoid lowering your chances for balloting purpose, it is good to register early.

Question: What are the differences between Public walk-in and VVIP Booking?
Answer: Public can only chose balance stack of units (Cost more for higher level), prices are likely to be increased for un-released stacks. VVIP enjoys the discounted rate, able to select their choice of units thru balloting.

Question: Why there is a need for blank cheque?
Answer: We do not want duplicate applications, by submitting multiple application does not mean you will get higher chances for balloting.
During the booking day, if you wish to proceed to book the unit, you can write the 5% of the purchase price on the submitted cheque. This is to prevent jeopardizing of the whole procedure
If no purchase done, it will be return to you, without penalty.

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